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Please CALL to report a crime or to report suspicious activity in your neighborhood.

Crime Stoppers: 815-547-7867

In Case of Emergency please call: 815-544-2135

Keeping Our Community Safe

There are times when crimes aren’t solved quickly. As time passes it might become more difficult to solve them for lack of evidence or of good leads. Maybe citizens witness a crime but they are afraid to contact the authorities for fear of retaliation if their identity is revealed. Other times people might not know whom to trust with their information.

The concept of Crime Stoppers fits these situations. Crime Stoppers provides a way for informants to communicate safely with the police about a specific crime.

$1000.00 Reward - When you get involved you might receive up to $1,000.00. The reward amount is always set by the official coordinating the case and it is approved by the board. The police need your assistance to make Boone County a safer community.

QUICK 100 - A reward program at the local high schools allows students to report criminal activity within their schools. If an arrest or suspension is made, the student receives $100.00. The message is that school should be a safe place to learn and grow.

As of August 2011 approximately 1,088 calls have been received by Crime Stoppers since its inception. These calls have resulted in 541 arrests and $82,355.00 in rewards. The Quick 100 program has generated 177 calls, 155 arrests and rewards in the amount of $8,280.00.